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European launch for Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco

The demand for electric vehicles is now gaining momentum in the core markets of Europe also. In response, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has commenced European sales of its charging technology for hybrid and electric vehicles on the back of two years of market success in Germany. The Heidelberg Wallbox EU charging systems are also available to order with immediate effect in France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Holland via Amazon as well as the international website www.heidelberg-wallbox.eu operated by Leuchtmittelmarkt Räbel e. K. The Heidelberg Wallbox Europe is approved for all European countries (except Norway) outside Germany. Leuchtmittelmarkt Räbel e. K. is a specialist in lighting and electrical engineering, and is the European sales partner for Heidelberg’s charging technology.

New Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with integrated load management enables simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles

From the beginning of the third quarter, Heidelberg will offer an enhanced variant of its Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco basic model. The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with a stainless steel front also features load management and interfaces for charging using a photovoltaic system. Dynamic load management makes it possible to split the available charging current evenly between multiple vehicles, making it ideal for simultaneous charging of multiple users in private, commercial, and semi-public settings. The Wallbox can be integrated into a home energy management system using the Modbus RTU industry standard. This permits consumption optimization of domestic current production.

Several thousand customers already impressed by Heidelberg charging technology

Since the market launch in April 2018, several thousand end customers as well as countless wholesalers and online retailers have already been impressed by the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco and its extremely good value for money. The technology is suitable both for private households and for semi-public institutions. A visually appealing stainless steel column is also available as an alternative to wall mounting. The Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco is already one of the highest-selling charging systems in Germany on Amazon. In addition, several electronics wholesalers, municipal utilities, and local electricity suppliers are also selling it.

Both major customers and end users are impressed by the quality and technology. This is also underlined by the most recent ADAC Comparison Test 2019 of Wallboxes available in Germany, where the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco emerged as the convincing overall winner with a result of 1.1. The magazine “Elektroautomobil” also reached a similar conclusion in its April 2019 edition.

“It was the success of our charging technology in Germany that encouraged us to start sales in the key core markets of Europe. Customers benefit from the high quality of the Heidelberg power electronics familiar from printing press engineering in combination with good value for money. The ADAC also confirmed these two selling points to us in its last comparison test,” says Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chief Executive Officer of Heidelberg.

About the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco

The Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco and Energy Control are stationary charging devices that can be mounted on a wall, in a car port or outdoors, e.g. on a column. The charging capacity can be configured for up to 11 kW. The design and function are extremely robust, and they require no maintenance or servicing. The Heidelberg Wallboxes are suitable for individual households or multiple users who want to charge their vehicles at the same time. In response to the strong customer uptake, Heidelberg is planning to further extend its electric mobility portfolio. Further variants all the way up to a premium product with intelligent communication technology that can also be integrated into smart homes, for example, are planned.

Photo caption: The Wallbox charging systems from Heidelberg are also available in key European core markets with immediate effect.