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Europe - Flint Group Announces Price Increases in Heatset, Coldset, Sheetfed Inks, Pressroom Chemicals and Transfer Media

Flint Group Print Media Europe has announced a widespread price increase in all product categories effective 1st July 2011.

Due to relentless price increases in key raw materials used to make printing consumables, Flint Group’s Print Media Europe division has been forced to raise prices in all product lines.

From gum rosin’s impact on printing ink to solvent’s effect on chemistry and cotton’s impact on tensioned blankets, almost no raw material escapes the current trend: “The consistent challenge among all printing consumables in 2011 is the demand and supply imbalance of nearly every key raw material,” explains Jan Paul van der Velde, Senior Vice President Procurement, Flint Group.

Flint Group’s price increases are as follows, effective on all products invoiced after 1st July 2011:

Printing Inks:       Heatset inks:          € 0.30/kg 
                        Coldset inks:         € 0.25/kg 
                          Sheetfed inks:       +6%

Fount:                            Heatset Fount:       € 0.20/kg 
                        Coldset Fount:       € 0.15/kg 
                          Sheetfed Fount:     € 0.15/kg

Anti set-off spray powders:              € 0.15/kg

Press room washes:                        € 0.15 to € 0.32/litre, depending on the product range

Tensioned Blankets, rolls and cuts:   €5.80/sqm

While supply challenges affect manufacturing costs they will not affect Flint Group’s ability to serve its customers. The company is able to secure raw material supplies to meet all anticipated requirements.

Customers will be notified directly by Flint Group's sales organisation to discuss the impact on the particular products they purchase.

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