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Esko & X-Rite Pantone to showcase how color and inspection solutions deliver accuracy and consistency at ICE Europe

Label and packaging converters will discover the latest advances in achieving accurate brand color reproduction, color consistency and printing accuracy when Esko & X-Rite Pantone return to the ICE Europe exhibition in Germany this month.

From 14-16 March, Esko & X-Rite Pantone will be at the world’s leading exhibition for the conversion of flexible web-based materials, showcasing its end-to-end color measurement solutions as well as its AVT Apollo Turbo HD 100% print inspection system.

“With color accuracy and consistency being key concerns for brands - and therefore to our customers - the ability to deliver accurate color, regardless of run length or substrate, is of paramount importance to today’s label and packaging converters,” said Guy Yogev, Esko Senior Director of Product Marketing. “Accurate color consistency continues to be a main request from packaging buyers, so packaging converters must comply and therefore, need the tools to make this possible.”

Esko, the global provider of integrated software and hardware solutions for the packaging and labels market, will be sharing a booth with X-Rite Pantone at this year’s event at the Munich Trade Fair Center.

“With today’s brands and packaging suppliers facing a catalog of potentially crippling challenges, it is imperative that companies review their current business operations and identify areas where they can make meaningful improvements and drive operational efficiencies,” said Guy. “Together with our colleagues at X-Rite Pantone, we will demonstrate how our automation solutions deliver both accuracy and efficiency gains across the workflow, helping businesses form a foundation to identify waste, mitigate risk and optimize opportunities while preparing for the latest megatrends.

“With our joint expertise and integrated color solutions, including X-Rite instrumentation, Pantone libraries, Esko color management software and Esko AVT inspection technology, we have a solid foundation for color accuracy in packaging and label print production.

“We know that colors on packaging need to be printed across a vast array of substrates and require multiple print processes to achieve,” added Guy. “While this presents a challenge for converters, a combination of color management software and the right hardware helps converters to match these colors and meet the tight tolerances that their customers now specify.”

Guys said that with sustainability now one of, if not the key consideration for many brands – and therefore packaging converters - color management can play a significant role in helping reduce waste. “Esko color management solutions are vital to this. For example, Esko Color Engine has been developed with four technical pillars at its core, ensuring that that users deliver value in packaging production,” he said. “It is spectrally based, meaning Color Engine captures all information on the ink and print process as a foundation for the next steps. The Color Engine’s algorithm then predicts behavior of inks which allows accurate proofing and production.”

Guy explained that the Esko color management software is designed to address today’s color challenges. “Esko Color Engine enables an accurate and simple workflow for digital printing and expanded gamut workflows,” he said. “What’s more, it’s totally connected. It allows users to share color assets within the workflow and along the supply chain, to avoid errors and duplicated effort.”

As well as its color management and market-leading workflow automation solution Automation Engine, Esko will be presenting its Apollo Turbo HD complete print inspection system at ICE Europe. “The beating heart of our inspection demonstrations, thesystem will clearly illustrate the speed, consistency and accuracy that can be achieved with automated print inspection,” he said.

“The demos will highlight how the reliable and robust system delivers automatic 100% quality assurance. It visually inspects a range of printed materials, automatically and efficiently detecting imperfections in real-time. It also seamlessly inspects transparent, flexible, or reflective substrates used in the packaging and labels industry.

“The Apollo Turbo HD can easily be installed on any press to achieve online quality assurance and process control, and can also be integrated into a rewinder or finishing equipment to create a uniquely combined Automatic Inspection Station.”

Guy said that the Apollo Turbo HD system significantly decreases production time, automates manual processes, and provides valuable waste savings. “We will demonstrate all the abilities and features of the system at ICE Europe, including 100 per cent varnish inspection, automation and workflows downstream,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to explaining to visitors how, with a combination of color management and inline inspection, Esko solutions help boost process control and ensure unmatched quality assurance throughout the entire print process.”

To see the Esko color management and workflow automation systems in action, or to check out the AVT Apollo Turbo HD in full flow, visit Guy Yogev and the Esko team at booth 836 in Hall A6.

For more on the complete range of integrated Esko solutions, visit www.esko.com