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Esko tackles 2024 packaging trends, challenges and opportunities with new ebook and ‘Trends Talk’ webinar

The biggest challenges facing packaging businesses in the coming year are addressed by more than 500 industry professionals in a new 2024 Packaging Trends study from Esko.

The annual report from Esko – which will form the basis of the latest ‘Packaging Trends Talk’ early in 2024 – is packed full of insights gathered from experts around the world regarding future packaging trends, challenges, and opportunities for reflection.

“As we look forward to 2024, we find ourselves grappling with the aftereffects of a disrupted supply chain, evolving consumer preferences, and growing demands for sustainability,” said Matthew Haws, Chief Marketing Officer with Esko, the global provider of integrated software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged products.

“The packaging industry is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology, changing consumer preferences, and sustainability demands. Businesses must not only adjust to this transformed landscape but also position themselves to excel within it,” he said. “It’s imperative for packaging experts to recognize the potential for enhancing sustainability, fully harnessing technological advancements, optimizing supply chain processes, and achieving greater operational efficiency. With this latest ebook and online event, we take a deep dive into the significant packaging trends that will shape the market in the coming year.”

From margin compressions and supply chain factors through to environmental sustainability targets, skills shortages and managing the ongoing energy crisis, the 2024 Packaging Trends report examines how the industry must transition towards more efficient, resilient, and sustainable practices to navigate the myriad challenges it faces.

“The annual Packaging Trends ebook helps prepare brands and suppliers for new market trends and challenges,” said Matthew. “The content we provide each year helps them not only prepare for the new landscape, but also to thrive in it, and this year’s report is no exception. With Smart Packaging and IoT integration increasingly prevalent, not to mention the growth in automation and AI revolutionizing packaging production, 2024 is a year filled with great potential awaiting to be realized.

“By leveraging technological advancements, optimizing supply chain processes, and enhancing operational efficiency, packaging experts can position themselves to excel in the coming year.”

The 2024 Packaging Trends eBook is available NOW – download your FREE copy here (https://brands.esko.com/2024-packaging-trends/)

The latest Packaging Trends Talk from Esko will take place on Tuesday 30th January 2024 – register NOW at https://app.livestorm.co/esko/2024-packaging-trends.