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Esko makes packaging professionals “Dream Big”

Brands and suppliers in the packaging, sign and display supply chains face many challenges in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace. Esko can help: During this series of five seminars attendees will receive a wealth of new ideas and approaches for the future of their businesses.

Ghent (Belgium), August 24, 2018 – Esko (www.esko.com) will be conducting a series of five full-day educational seminars for packaging professionals over the next several weeks.

Seminars will be held in:

  • Stuttgart on Tuesday 11/09
  • Düsseldorf on Thursday 13/09
  • Malmö on Wednesday 02/10
  • Paris on Thursday 11/10
  • Manchester on Tuesday 30/10

These seminars will consist of plenary sessions with expert and thought-leadership content as well as break-out sessions dedicated to specific segments across labels, flexible packaging, corrugated carton, folding carton, sign and display production.

“We are excited to be presenting these important educational sessions,” said Eddy Fadel, Vice President Sales EMEA of Esko. “Content will be presented by industry experts from Esko and selected partners. We’ll frame the market challenges, talk about ways to address those challenges, as well as provide attendees with the latest updates on the Esko Cloud Project, our recent acquisition of Blue Software, and other areas of interest. Break-out sessions will allow attendees to take advantage of a deep dive in their specific areas of interest with our experts. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of time for questions and answers, networking with peers, and more.”

Mr. Fadel also reported that the event will wrap up with a Town Hall Q&A, followed by a festive networking cocktail. “This will be an important educational and networking opportunity for representatives across the supply chain,” he added. “To make the seminars even more valuable, we will share results from our internal “Problem to Portfolio” process, a tool that helps to structurally identify the most important pain points by market segment, to prioritize and validate them, and then to incorporate the most important aspects into the Esko innovation funnel and product development roadmap. This will provide attendees with valuable insight into Esko’s future plans and how those developments are likely to positively impact their future businesses”

Most break-out sessions will also include a customer case study, illustrating how Esko helps its customers to solve particular pain points or business challenges and providing attendees with actionable ideas they can implement once they return home.

“During these sessions, we will zoom in on the importance of implementing agile solutions that meet the digital transformation that our industry is undergoing,” concluded Mr. Fadel. “The goal is to make this a fun, highly interactive and value-added event.