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Enterprise Print Group boosts reliability, repeatability and waste reduction with Mouvent LB702-UV

We are a service business and our mission is to make sure our customers have what they need, when they need it. To continue honoring that, we need the best possible digital equipment available.”

Kirk Icuss, President and CEO of Enterprise Print Group, company, is talking about his company’s decision to invest in a Mouvent LB702-UV from BOBST, a high productivity, high quality digital label press that will take on anything thrown at it – from short to long runs.

“In the current market environment, it is vital that we have repeatability and reliability in our printing equipment, while also eliminating waste for our customers,” he says. “Digital printing gives us the tools we need to keep our customers completely happy.”

For Enterprise Print Group, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, it represents another evolution of a long and proud history. Originally founded as Consolidated Products, Inc. over 30 years ago, the company prides itself on delivering value-added printing solutions to hundreds of customers. It produces durable labels for outdoor lawn and garden products, home appliances, medical devices, specialty retail and more.

“We chose the name ‘Enterprise’ because it captures our commitment to drive value throughout our customers’ business,” says Icuss. “We are a printing company yes, but we are a service organization first and foremost. And delivering the best possible service to our customers sometimes means investing in the latest equipment, such as our new Mouvent press.”

A machine that offers limitless, profitable digital label production

The Mouvent LB702-UV addresses 90% of all label jobs cost effectively up to 8,000 linear meters (315,000 linear feet) run length, delivering an output of up to 200,000 sqm (2.1 million sqf) per month, with printing speeds of up to 100 m/min (330 fpm). Vitally, quality is not compromised, ensuring Enterprise Print Group’s customer expectations are always met. The Mouvent LB702-UV delivers 1200 x 1200 dpi native resolution for finest lines, smoothest gradients, sharpest images and most vibrant colors.

The digital inkjet Mouvent™ Technology allows fast and easy industrial label production for printing on a wide range of substrates such as paper, self-adhesive labels and flexible materials, at a better total cost of ownership than even the most cost-effective traditional processes. The machine comes with six colors plus white, delivering a wide color gamut. The option to include white ink to print with 70% opacity (at up to 45 m/min) was an important factor for Icuss and his team.

As was the BOBST seal of quality.

“We chose BOBST not only because of the technology met all of our requirements, but also because BOBST is an industry leader with a solid reputation, and because of the trust we have in the service team there,” he says.

The installation was straightforward and training from BOBST helped the operators to get up to speed in no time.

“We have new operators that have done very well for the minimal time they have been on the press,” confirms Icuss.

Enterprise Print Group is fully invested in the potential of digital. In addition to the Mouvent LB702-UV digital press, the company has also invested in a SEI Laser Labelmaster to provide digital finishing on demand. The Labelmaster provides several advantages associated with digital, such as a significant reduction in setup waste and time.

Now Kirk Icuss and his team are well prepared to deal with whatever the future holds to provide the best service possible for their customers.

“We will continue to focus on our market and lead with service and innovation,” he says. "We won’t stand still. We are exploring other opportunities and markets where high quality, high service levels, and low waste, are valued.”