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Efficient Neutralization of Clinical Trial Drugs

Intelligent Film-based Solution by Schreiner MediPharm for Blinding Blister Packs

Oberschleissheim, June 29, 2011 – For blinding blisters used in clinical drug trials, Schreiner MediPharm has now developed a special film-based solution that easily and reliably neutralizes the pack. Hospital staff and patients are thus unable to tell whether the trial drug or a placebo is being administered and are not influenced by the external appearance of the drug’s packaging during the trial.

For reliable blinding of the blister, the film has to assure that the pack is opaquely covered. Printing with a special ink makes the label by Schreiner MediPharm impervious to light. At the same time it is thin enough to allow the pills to be extracted without the exertion of additional force. This assures easy removal of the pills by the patients. Due to the specific properties of the material the film is destroyed in an attempt to detach it. In addition, the design of the specialty film enables flexible uses. Since the material consistently exhibits the same properties it can be used irrespective of the configuration of the individual cavities. Consequently, the label can also be applied to blister packs of various sizes.

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