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Efficient Management of Collections in Archives: RFID Solution from Schreiner PrinTrust for Precious Books

World Premiere from Germany: ((rfid))-Archive Label

The new ((rfid))-Archive Label developed by Schreiner PrinTrust is the world’s first solution to enable the application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology also to precious and sensitive books for contactless management of library collections. Efficient management of ordinary books using RFID technology has long been standard practice. Due to its innovative product design, the new RFID label now meets the requirements for application even to precious and sensitive books and documents. A pH-neutral, and thus acid-free, adhesive will not attack the valuable documents and makes non-residual removal of the label possible even after decades. In addition, being certified according to ISO 9706, the label meets all the prerequisites for archival-grade materials.

The application of RFID technology for effective decades-long electronic management of their collections has become standard practice in numerous libraries around the globe. Due to the sensitivity of many antique originals stored in archives, standard RFID labels cannot be used here because the labels would irreversibly damage these precious items. For these specific requirements, Schreiner PrinTrust has developed a special RFID label for archives, enabling them to manage their collections by means of modern RFID technology.

Utilization of Archival-Grade Materials according to ISO 9706
A special high-performance adhesive that can be non-residually removed even after a long period of time guarantees optimum protection of the precious objects which often are of historic value. In addition, the labels include an age-resistant paper that does not affect the tagged items in any way. As a result, irreversible damage to the archived documents is avoided even after decades-long application of the labels. The entire product has been tested and certified according to ISO 9706 requirements. The memory of the RFID transponder utilized in the label has a guaranteed life of 50 years, making it perfectly suitable even for long-term use.

Contactless Management of Precious Document Collections
Be it precious books, papers, manuscripts, maps, drawings, pictures, photographs, newspapers, magazines, sheet music or patents: the new ((rfid))-Archive Label makes it possible for libraries to comprehensively manage their collections using contactless technology. Product Manager Christian Stephan sums up the additional benefits of the label: “Contactless reading of the information on the chip avoids manual handling of the items during stocktaking. The label enables fast and reliable bulk reading of the archived objects and enormously simplifies the search-and-find process of documents as well.” For custom overprinting and programming of the labels, Schreiner PrinTrust offers specifically adapted TTR printers.