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Efficient combination of labels and automatic processing systems

From a single source: Schreiner ProTech provides integration of barcode label, paint mask and dispensing system

Hörmann KG Eckelhausen produces its aluminum panels for doors using a leading-edge laser line. To support this process, the company was looking for a complete solution that combines the nameplate and paint mask labels plus the corresponding dispensing system. The specialists from Schreiner ProTech ensured that the application of the labels on the insular production line can be performed in a fully automatic process.

Schreiner ProTech and Hörmann jointly established all the project parameters and requirements for the new laser line in an intensive consultation meeting. The challenge was to achieve a fully automatic application of the barcoded nameplate labels and the paint mask labels covering the nameplates to the aluminum panels on the insular production line. The experts from Schreiner ProTech subsequently qualified suitable materials and produced prototypes that were tested directly in the production process.

“The label composite developed for this project immediately held up to the loads of the laser system as well as the subsequent painting and joining process of the door panels,” said Matthias Tübel from Schreiner ProTech. Following the initial tests, the integration of all the components of the printing/dispensing system had to be coordinated with the suppliers of the planned production line. After the line was set up, the process was extensively tested with immediate success, as the printing and dispensing system was up and running reliably right from the start.

Now, Hörmann can feed all the data for the marking and laser process to the line directly from the work order database. “This label system solution has eliminated the need for any manual work. Production and labeling of the door panels is accomplished in a smooth, fully automatic process,” said Matthias Michel, Technical Project Management at Hörmann KG Eckelhausen.