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Durst produces “community masks” at Brixen headquarters

Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, is now producing “community masks” in its demo center at the Brixen headquarters in South Tyrol, Italy.

The masks are produced in the first step for employees of Durst Group and sister company Alupress and afterwards the production capacity will also be available for other companies. The know-how for the production of the “community masks” will be made available to interested print service providers worldwide through its branches.

"At the beginning of April, our printing technologies for the label and packaging industry were classified as systemically relevant and we were able to go back into partial operation," said Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of Durst Group. "Now we will also use our textile printing and processing systems, which are located in the demo center for customer demonstrations, for the production of "community masks". In line with our "pixel-to-output" strategy, production takes place digitally and fully automatically: in a web shop with a specially programmed editor, the masks can be individualized with graphics, images, texts, and our workflow software then sends the designed file directly to the printing machine and then the printed material is processed by a cutting system. The announcement of our initiative on social media alone has generated great demand and print service providers worldwide are adapting our concept and thus Durst technology for their productions."

The "community masks" produced by Durst have a filter membrane that has a high filtration efficiency and at the same time is characterized by very good air permeability. The "community masks" have a 3-layer structure, the polyester fleece textile materials are comfortable to wear and washable, the filter membrane can be disinfected with alcohol and reused.

Durst explicitly points out that this is not a protective equipment in accordance with VO (E) 2016/425 or a medical device in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC.

Durst has many years of experience with filter systems, as these take on a type of "cleaning function" in the printing press to filter out microparticles in the ink supply systems so that the print heads do not become clogged and are always ready for use. The filter membrane selected by Durst Development for the "community masks" was subjected to a detailed effectiveness test in the Durst laboratories and Durst will also have the measured values ??verified by an independent institute.

“VergissMeinNicht” (www.vergissmeinnicht.bz.it), a social cooperative in Bruneck giving young cross-border workers and people with disabilities a place in the world of work, will be partnering Durst for processing and assembling the masks. Under the motto appreciation and added value, the specialized sewing service finalizes the “community masks” in a protected environment. It also focuses on sustainability for packaging.

The community masks can be obtained from end customers in South Tyrol via the company Kunst & Dünger Solutions (http://www.maskenmacherei.online) - personalized and up to a print run of 300 pieces. For larger quantities or inquiries about pixel-to-output software and hardware solutions for production, please contact: protection@durst-group.com.

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