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Discovering FUTURA and the future of label converting with PRATI

The DIGIFAST will be there in a space-efficient version as well as a top-end model accomplishing high-speed, accurate processing of added value labels as well as wine bottle labels during the exhibition. Managing speeds of 80m/min. and cutting waste to just 18 metres per job, DIGIFAST requires just over 8 minutes for set-up. Greater productivity, much less waste and very little downtime between jobs. The Saturn OMNIA presented 2 years ago in Brussels will be back thanks to the huge popularity this machine has generated since it was launched.

The new FUTURA open-platform technology will have a central role at the exhibition, allowing visitors a glimpse of the opportunities this concept gives, plus the advantages of maximising a single, long-term investment. FUTURA is a scalable architecture concept that makes a machine ready for present and future market requirements. Introduced in 2017, it is destined to maximise equipment flexibility and support customers in increasing their business opportunities in the easiest and most competitive way. Designed to revolutionise the approach to performance upgrades, the FUTURA technology platform will become the standard-setting concept for new generation finishing equipment manufactured by PRATI.

Able to exploit vital data thanks to integration according to the principles of Industry 4.0, the FUTURA platform contributes significantly to increasing productivity and improving production quality. Thanks to process automation and digitalisation, FUTURA integrates new technologies which enable superior collaboration between operators and machinery leading to streamlined production. An integral part of a Smart Factory concept, FUTURA also connects supplier to customer. Intelligent software applications provide maximum support in achieving top-level energy efficiency and relevant savings.

Centred on innovation, quality and lifelong reliability, since 1973 PRATI has been empowering the world’s top label converters through cost-efficient solutions which enable a strong competitive advantage.