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Digital Roll Range materials certified by HP INDIGO

All Ritrama Digital Roll Range materials have been successfully printed on HP Indigo presses and fully certified by HP. Our Digital Roll range includes papers, polypropylenes and polyethylenes featuring a special top coating for digital printing to ensure a high quality colour finish. Key markets for this type of materials are wine, beverage, pharmaceutical, health or toiletries and any other application requiring small label volumes.

The HP Indigo certifications for all the materials of our range are available on our website and refer to the following machines: WS4000 / WS4500 / WS4050 / WS4600 / WS2000 and WS6000 / WS6600.

Our range has been also enhanced with the new gloss silver metallized paper, the SPECCHIO DGT AP903 WG74: the superior gloss level of the face material confers an incredible mirror finish effect, suitable for all the label applications where the appeal of the final label must be catchy and attractive.