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Desmedt invests with Flexo Wash to raise quality standards

One of Belgium’s leading label converters, Desmedt, has invested heavily in a package of cleaning technology manufactured by Danish company Flexo Wash. The overall investment, which exceeded €150,000, was part of a major re-organisation of Desmedt’s production capability at its plant in Bornem, close to Brussels.

Speaking for Desmedt, owner Henri Köhler said: “In today’s highly competitive marketplace you need to have all elements of production under control to run best quality. To ensure our new presses could achieve peak performance we needed to ensure that all working parts were as clean as possible. Flexo Wash technology is well proven and offered us the best solution.”

The package was negotiated by Maarten van Bergeijk of Packtion BV, the Flexo Wash agent for Benelux. Commenting on the installation, he said: “Desmedt’s aim was to standardise quality across all production platforms, and the extensive package of cleaning technology will allow them to do that.”

The list of Flexo Wash machines installed at Desmedt includes a PK 200 WR TrolleyLoad Parts Washer, with a small trolley for UV Ink, and a PK ECO Maxi WR Parts Washer for water-based ink. There is an FW 993 XL Anilox Roll Cleaner that handles up to nine rolls per wash, a PK 92 Screen Washer and PW 82 WR Plate Washer. Flexo Wash also installed a PK Filtration Unit that can be used for both the PK 200 and the PW 82 machines.

Mette Laursen, International Sales Manager for Flexo Wash said: “Although Desmedt has been a Flexo Wash user for some time, we were delighted to work closely with Packtion to secure this new order. It highlights two things: the importance of local representation; and a realisation that high speed presses will only perform at their best with clean components.”