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Coral Book Natural 1.2: Lecta’s New Natural White Paper

In keeping with the natural theme of its Coral Book range of uncoated woodfree papers, Lecta portrays nature as an open book in which the printed word comes to life on its
new Coral Book Natural 1.2 paper.

An offset paper manufactured with woodfree pulp, Coral Book Natural 1.2 is designed to offer excellent machine performance and is available in substances of 70, 80, 90,
100, 110 and 120 g/m2. Produced from natural and renewable raw materials, it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and is made using elemental chlorine free pulp (ECF).

With this new product, Lecta expands its range of Coral Book uncoated woodfree papers in white and ivory shades: Coral Book White, Coral Book Ivory, Coral Book Ivory 1.5 and Coral Book Ivory 1.65.

Coral Book Natural 1.2, the natural choice for a more beautiful, sustainable future. For more information about Lecta’s extensive range of coated and uncoated woodfree papers, please visit www.lecta.com