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Constantia Flexibles Leads the Craft Beer Labeling Revolution

It is clear that craft beer has completely transformed the way people think about beer, the way brewers market beer, and the way distributors sell beer. What you may not know, however, is that it has also led the way to a beer labeling transformation for big and small brewers alike. Constantia Flexibles is working with myriad beer companies to transition from cut and stack paper and applied ceramic (ACL) labels to pressure sensitive (PSL) labels.

When you consider that the first time PSL was used in line on a beer product was a short 14 years ago, it is pretty astounding that it went from a 0% market share in 2003 to nearly 50% today. So why such growth?

Simply put, when the total system costs are considered, the pressure sensitive technology is one of the lowest cost options. The operational benefits of pressure sensitive labels are also driving the expanded usage and further investments. They eliminate glue, set up time and change parts compared to paper labels, increasing your through-put gains. They have better durability in the ice chest and the distribution system allows for brand recognition from beginning to end. Shapes do not add cost and it is seamless to change from one size or shape to another.

Unlike ACL, pressure sensitive labels eliminate proprietary bottles for each SKU because they can be labeled in line with filling. Significantly reducing your inventory levels and increasing your flexibility and speed to market reduces your obsolesce cost and allows for much more design flexibility.

Constantia Flexibles’ pressure sensitive labels can be customized with many print methods and a large range of premium special effects to ensure that your brand will stand out from competitors.