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Constantia Flexibles Helps Taste Become Art in MUMM’s Art Edition with Alex Trochut

Mumm, a premium sparkling wine, has become the canvas of Spanish artist Alex Trochut, whose multi-award winning and globally exhibited digital painting has already decorated the album covers of the Rolling Stones and Katy Perry. For Mumm’s second art edition, Trochut created a design which abstracts the lively bubbling of the elegant sparkling wine and the colors of the three varieties – Dry, Extra Dry, Rosé Dry. “The artwork is very dynamic, while at the same time exuding a certain lightness. I took inspiration not only from the look and brand history but also from the taste and reinterpreted my flowing designs,” explains the artist.

With such a powerful design, it was essential that the label embody it perfectly. For this, Constantia Flexibles Labels Division rose to the challenge with their 360° sleeve label, printed in Germany. The sleeve label allows the entire bottle to be covered to maximize the elite design. A matte/gloss effect was applied to the label to give the product its exclusive look.

As Mumm Product Manager Anne Koppelmann explains, “With the limited Mumm art edition, we are transporting the brand values to the point of sale. In order to do that the execution of the design is crucial, as the bottles should attract attention on the sales shelf. The sleeves with multi shine effects but also the metallic look of the silver elements stand for contemporary indulgence – just like Mumm.”

Not only does the sleeve label have greater graphic advantages, ideal for promotional items, it also offers tamper evidence, protection against light and reduced risk of breakage.

The limited Mumm Art Edition is available through retail outlets in Germany, from April 2016.