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Constantia Flexibles awarded with three Alufoil Trophies

Constantia Flexibles has received three Alufoil Trophies in the categories Consumer Convenience, Product Protection and Resource Efficiency. The Alufoil Trophy is organized each year by the EAFA, the European Aluminum Foil Association. The Alufoil Trophy is the aluminum foil sector’s annual premier awards competition with 65 entries across five major categories this year.

“We are extremely proud to have been chosen to be amongst the winners – this award underlines how Constantia Flexibles uses the advantages of aluminum foil to create highly different new developments, as well as innovative ideas, to enhance existing products”, said CEO Alexander Baumgartner.

Consumer Convenience

The Processed Meat Business Unit of Constantia Flexibles Food Division has designed and manufactured an aluminum foil tray and lid system “Ofen-Fleischkäs’ – ready for baking@home”, which contains pre-cooked meat preparations. They enable convenient baking directly in the packaging for a whole range of meat-based products that can be quickly and hygienically removed prior to consumption.

Product Protection

Another development of the Food Division aims at keeping pet food in perfect condition, while meeting both environmental and legal challenges. “Sustainer”, an aluminum foil container system, has been specifically developed as a BPA free, “BPA NIA” pack for pet food. The “BPA NIA” (Not Intentionally Added) container eliminates the need for the use of chrome as a surface treatment in addition to dispensing with the use of Bisphenol A or other Bisphenols. It has all the established features of conventionally used high barrier, solvent-based lacquers, such as heat resistance and sterilizability.

Not only does it preserve the product but it still retains all the advantages of a retortable pack, while meeting both sustainable and new regulatory requirements for these types of containers. All this thanks to a new, water based lacquer system for both the container and the die cut lid.

Resource Efficiency

The Pharma Division has devised a new lidding foil for pharmaceutical products that require a lower barrier. CONSTANTIA Blister Eco consists of tissue paper laminated with a thin aluminum layer, resulting in a material that is 23% lighter than a standard lidding foil. The share of aluminum in the product is 40%, compared to standard foil at approximately 90%. The new lidding foil also uses renewable raw material paper and less lacquer coating, making it highly sustainable. In addition, it has excellent barrier properties compared to thermoformed blister bottom film. Water vapor barrier properties are greatly enhanced compared with thermoformed blister base webs (made from traditional PVC-based materials).