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Constantia Creates Labels for Goose Island’s Cooper Series

Building on the success of their Bourbon County Stout, Goose Island is releasing a 3-part series of beers throughout 2017 that have been partially aged in bourbon barrels, albeit with decidedly less bourbon flavor. The beers – Scotch ale, blonde doppelbock, and porter – were chosen because they pair very well with bourbon barrels without the bold boozy flavor you find in the Bourbon County Stout. The first release, the Cooper Project No. 1 Scotch Ale, hit the market in March and is described by Goose Island as imparting flavors of rich malt, toffee, and subtle roast giving it a balanced blend of flavors from both the beer and the bourbon barrel.

Constantia Flexibles, creator of the multiple award-winning Bourbon County Stout label, was chosen to create a similar label for the Cooper Series. Any beer that includes the neck label from Goose Island Beer Company signifies that the beer comes from the Goose Island Barrel Warehouse. This particular label features an eye-catching flag but with a more aggressively tapered neck. The Cooper Series is a three label application (neck, front and back) whereas the Bourbon County Stout required only a neck and back application. The neck label substrate is a proprietary combination of clear film and metalized paper that is constructed on the press during the printing process as is the patent pending flag element. The end result is a premium label that highlights the details of the brew in an appealing manner while standing out from competitors on shelf.

The Goose Island team is very pleased with the label and will be working with Constantia Flexibles to deliver equally outstanding labels for the two remaining releases in the series.