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Collano: Eco-friendly adhesives for tapes

Adhesive tapes are highly specialized all-purpose tools – whether for home or high-tech applications. The adhesive must therefore meet highly diverse and demanding requirements and contributes crucially to the success of an adhesive tape. Collano has been developing solventless adhesives since the late 1980s.

Are you looking for eco-friendly, water-based adhesive systems or perhaps 100% adhesive systems – e.g. UV-curable hotmelt PSAs – for tapes used in the construction sector, hook-and-loop fasteners, safety pouches, food packaging etc? Do you use substrates that have low surface energies? Or perhaps you are more interested in PSAs with adjustable cohesion and adhesion values for resealable or permanent, high-performance tapes? If so, read on here.

Collano on stage
Collano will be attending the Afera Technical Seminar in Brussels and the AIMCAL Technical Programs of the ICE in Orlando. Information on the presentations.
Attending the ICE in Munich, 19-21 March, 2013: booth 716, hall A5.