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Codimag appoints agents Lapeyra y Taltavull to promote Aniflo label printing technology in Spain and Portugal

Label press manufacturer Codimag announces the appointment of Lapeyra y Taltavull, S.L.. of Barcelona, to represent its Aniflo printing technology in Spain and Portugal.

Lapeyra y Taltavull was established more than 80 years ago to supply packaging materials to the region’s pharmaceutical industry. Forty years later, it began representing international suppliers in the printing and packaging markets, building long associations with major European press and auxiliary equipment manufacturers.

“We are very enthusiastic to start collaboration with such a renowned company as Lapeyra & Taltavull,” said Pierre Panel, export sales engineer at Codimag. “We have had a very natural contact with Lapeyra as we share the same company values and approach to customer service, and long term vision of business.”

At the heart of Codimag’s presses is Aniflo technology that, using waterless offset, offers the quality of offset, the simplicity of flexo and the flexibility of digital.

By using an anilox inking system, problems usually associated with offset are eliminated: no ink/water balance issues; no ink key settings; no ghosting. Combined with fast-set up, low plate and ink costs, a fully digital workflow and print speeds of up to 75m/min, Codimag’s Aniflo presses are an attractive alternative to traditional and digital printing.

“The company’s Aniflo system is an alternative to digital, offering fast-turnaround times, high print quality and cost-effective production,” said Eduard Segarra, commercial director, narrow web, Lapeyra y Taltavull. “This makes Aniflo ideal not only for wine labels, but also for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industrial label applications and run lengths that can be up to several thousand linear metres with no absolutely color switch.”

Lapeyra y Taltavull will be increasing the number of people serving narrow web customers as a result of the new partnership with Codimag.

“We will be providing installation engineering, training, fast response to technical queries, service and support, and consultancy in addition to sales and marketing activities,” Segarra said. “Codimag has a unique proposition that we believe will be very attractive to Iberian label printers.

Versatile press options

Codimag produces three presses based on Aniflo technology. The VIVA 340 Evolution press is a stand-alone option suitable for printers with offline finishing capabilities. The VIVA 340 and VIVA 420 presses offer the same features and capabilities in 340mm and 420mm widths and are configured with inline finishing options that can include hot-foil, flatbed foil, fluted foil, photopolymer embossing, flexo varnishing, lamination, screen printing and die-cutting.

“This technology can address the challenges faced by Spanish and Portuguese printers that include maintaining uptime, optimising output and maximising returns while printing short and medium runs with tight deadlines,” Segarra concluded. “The low cost of plates and economical ink combined with short-run capabilities make these exciting presses that can increase competitiveness without compromising print quality.”

Lapeyra y Taltavull will provide live working demonstrations of Codimag’s VIVA 340 Evolution press at its Graphispag 2019 booth (stand C30, Fira Barcelona, 26 - 29 March), giving visitors a real-time appreciation of the quality and agility of Aniflo technology.