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Citizen qualifies thermal paper from Mitsubishi

Elaborate testing guarantees long life cycle of thermal printers

Citizen Systems Europe certifies thermal paper from Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe for POS-printer Citizen CT-S801 and Citizen CT-S851. The certification covers conventional and newly developed thermal paper without bisphenol-A and phenol.

The direct-thermal technology enables printing of variable information at low costs. Mitsubishi papers have been tested in thermal printers from Citizen in an extensive long-term test. All papers successfully passed the quality inspection thus guaranteeing a very long durability of printers as well as trouble-free and good printing in the long-term.

The release includes all thermoscript thermal paper grades for “point of sales“ applications: F 5041, P 5045, P 5055, P 5046 and P 5047. The last-mentioned papers have been developed in 2010 and provide an alternative to traditional POS-grades because of the selected colour developer. The special difference: thermal receipt printing paper grade P 5046 does not contain any bisphenol-A whereas P 5047 does not contain phenol.

“Citizen focuses very much on quality and sustainability”, explains Jörk Schüssler, European Marketing Manager at Citizen Europe Systems. “Our quality requirements do not only comprise printers themselves but also thermal paper because low paper quality shortens the life cycle of printer and printer head and causes poor printing and problems. Papers which have been tested by us provide trouble-free running and good quality”.

“The certification by Citizen is important for us because it shows that an important provider of thermal printers has successfully tested our papers”, says Thomas Grammel, Product Manager OEM at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe. “Our cooperation with Citizen stands out due to the fact that we provide top-quality paper for high-value printers.”