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Chinese Stamps will be printed on Nilpeter Press

The Postage Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group has signed a contract for a 6-colour Nilpeter MO-4 offset press for the Chinese stamp production. China produces app. 2.5 billion stamps each year, worth 1.5 billion Euros. In addition, 5 billion greeting cards with stamp are produced on an annual basis.

The Chinese interest in the Danish-produced press came about through the excellent network and cooperation with Post Danmark (part of the newly Scandinavian post fusion between the Danish and Swedish postal services).

Over the last three years, Post Danmark has run a programme that enhance the quality of the design and craftsmanship of Chinese stamp production. In that occasion, The Chinese Printing Bureau learned about the high quality of the Nilpeter printing press.

The Danish postal service, has recently invested in a Nilpeter offset press for production of self-adhesive stamps. One of the unique strong points was that the Nilpeter press has been successfully combined with Post Danmark’s intaglio unit to deliver stamps of an extremely high quality.

Subsequently, a delegation of Nilpeter representatives was invited to China to discuss the possible solutions. As a result, the Chinese Government issued a tender for a new press for production of self-adhesive stamps.

Nilpeter won the tender thanks to the innovative technological features of the MO-4.

As a curiosity, the Danish postal service sells Danish stamps to the Chinese stamp collectors. China is the country in the world with most stamp collectors. It is said that at least 20 million are hard core collectors! In comparison, Denmark has approx. 150,000 collectors. The Danish stamps are in a high demand in China because of their outstanding quality.

Until recently, the collectors had been uninterested in self-adhesive stamps because they could not be steamed off envelopes. But thanks to a special laminate developed by paper suppliers Avery and Raflatac, in collaboration with Nilpeter and Post Danmark, the Danish self-adhesive stamps may be steamed off without damage to the stamp.