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The Channeled Resources Group Provides the Last Link in the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Industries

Continued green efforts earn the company the Label Expo Americas 2010  Green Award 

In a press conference on September 14th at Label Expo in Chicago, the Channeled Resources Group (CRG), announced they had "closed the loop" in the pressure sensitive (PSA) industry by developing economic and environmental solutions for both spent liner and nonrecyclable matrix. The implications of these new developments are enormous for an industry that has historically generated upwards of 60% byproduct. By providing alternatives to landfilling, the industry becomes more sustainable. 

In the first case, CRG has developed an alternative to landfilling spent silicone release liner. The liner carries the printed PSA label to the point of application before being discarded. CRG then processes the spent liner into desiliconized pulp (DSP). DSP has been introduced to the specialty paper industry as a sustainable alternative to hardwood pulp. The properties are very similar and allow a byproduct to be made into a clean, bright alternative that meets recycled content requirements. 

In the second case, CRG's efforts to make the PSA industry more sustainable led to a partnership with Greenwood Fuels. Greenwood pelletizes PSA matrix, the other nonrecyclable byproduct that the industry generates, and creates an alternative fuel that replaces coal in industrial boilers and curbs greenhouse gas emissions. CRG will supply Greenwood Fuels' newest Hamilton, Ohio plant with 10,000 tons of nonrecyclable byproduct per month. 

The introduction of DSP to the industry and the new agreement with Greenwood Fuels are evidence of CRG's continued environmental efforts. CRG was awarded the Label Expo Americas 2010 Green Award, and will continue their efforts to "close the loop" in the PSA life cycle, ensuring a bright and eco-friendly future for the entire PSA industry. 

For more information, contact Cindy White at cwhite@channeledresources.com.