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The Channeled Resources Group Chosen as Green Master for 2012

Maratech International, part of The Channeled Resources Group, will be formally recognized as a Green Master company (those that scored in the top 20% of applicants) by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference.  Formal recognition will occur on December 8th at Monona Terrace in Madison WI.

The Green Masters Program is designed for companies that feel the groundswell of change. For them, it’s time to turn aspiration into action and to imagine a better business. It is a free, independent, objective, points based “green” certification program. Now, businesses of any size, from any part of Wisconsin and from any sector can get started “on the road to sustainability”.

The Channeled Resources Group has a long standing tradition of not only managing their business in a sustainable manner but also helping other businesses do the same. The recognition of being named a Green Master serves to validate that tradition.

The Maratech facility in Marathon City is a 186,000 Sq. Ft. state of the art manufacturing plant involved in converting and reprocessing specialty papers and films. 

About Channeled Resources Group
The Channeled Resource Group is a worldwide leader in the field of reprocessed specialty paper and film. It is our mission to channel cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions to our global customers and suppliers.