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CELAB-Europe Announces the Release of an Interactive Map on Their Website

CELAB-Europe announced the release of an interactive map on their website today which is going to list collectors and recyclers of used liner and matrix materials that are a part of the production of labels used on packaging. The launch of the interactive map is the result of the collaboration of label industry members in a joint effort to create a circular economy for labels.

A liner is the paper or film material backing that protect the adhesive on the label until it is ready to be applied on the packaging or other product and is essential for labels to be able to be transported to their final destination. Matrix material is industrial waste that is created during the waste matrix stripping or removal in production of self-adhesive labels that is a very important part of label conversion and leads to a web of labels that can then be dispensed in high speed packaging lines.

In the last years collection services and recycling technologies have improved, especially in the field of glassine (paper) liners being able to be recycled and there is a network of recyclers that will take the material. To make this network more transparent, CELAB-Europe created a comprehensive map that lists the names and locations of the collectors and recyclers in Europe.

The map is an ever-evolving project, so CELAB-Europe is inviting all collectors and recyclers of paper and PET liner or of matrix material to reach out if they want to be included in the map. Please contact CELAB-europe@FINAT.com.