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CCL announces new production plant for premium labels in Italy

CCL Industries, a world leader in specialty label, security and packaging solutions, announced plans to open up a new production site in Novi Ligure in northern Italy. It will mainly cater to the local Spirits & Beverage industry in northern Italy.

The new production plant will be the second Italian site of CCL Food&Beverage after the company had acquired a pouch production plant earlier this year (CCL Acquires Pouch Production from Capri-Sun Group – CCL Label) where highly-specialized, gravure printed and
laminated, flexible film materials for pouch forming, including recyclable solutions are manufactured.

Reinhard Streit, vice president and managing director Food & Beverage stated: “We are pleased to grow our footprint in Italy where world-famous brands are located – with great potential in wine and spirits and other beverages where our premium and high-embellished
labels are a great fit. This is part of our strategy to have a production site in close proximity to our global brand customers who are often multi-national and give them the opportunity to be supplied locally.”

CCL will produce premium Pressure-Sensitive Labels with high embellishments that are typically used in the wine and spirits industry. “From holographic features to unique label design layered with embellishments to personalised or interactive labelling – everything is possible to
produce a label that will help our customers product to stand out on the sales shelf. Effective and high-end labelling can be a game changer in terms of driving sales and creating a buzz around products”, adds Streit.

The new production site will feature the state-of-the art design of the CCL Food & Beverage plants worldwide, including an innovative art department with printing ink kitchen. The building itself will be equipped with energy-efficient and renewable features such as solar panels and the latest air filtering and air conditioning technology.

The 4,000 square meter site was purchased by CCL and will be fully refurbished starting in September 2023. The production is expected to start in Q2, 2024.