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Cashless parking with the NFC-Sticker from Schreiner PrinTrust

Efficient parking facility management using NFC technology

Customers can use the ”Parking République” parking garage in Metz, France without a parking ticket or cash. Drivers simply identify themselves by means of the NFC-Sticker from Schreiner PrinTrust attached to their cell phone when entering and exiting the facility. The NFC-Sticker thus proves its capabilities as a multi-talent yet again. As a means of payment, customer card, proof of identity or access authorization, the specialty label makes it possible for the user to join the world of contactless applications–even without an NFC-capable cell phone.

2,100 parking places and more than a million customers per year—Urbis Park operates the largest parking garage in the city of Metz. The company uses a parking management system by Scheidt & Bachmann that makes it possible for drivers to conveniently enter and exit by means of NFC technology. Customers can register online to receive a personalized NFC-Sticker for application to their cell phone. “The NFC-sticker thus replaces the conventional paper ticket and users of the parking facility can enjoy the benefits of cashless and ticketless parking,” explains Stefan Rütters, Product Manager at Scheidt & Bachmann. When entering and exiting the parking garage, the user simply holds the cell phone in front of a reader. The system automatically calculates the parking fee and electronically debits the customer’s prepaid account. “This turns a cell phone into an innovative tool and parking acquires a new quality of convenience and ease of use,” says Bruno Martin, Regional Director of Urbis Park in Metz.

The NFC-Sticker used for this purpose has a size of 37.5 mm x 20 mm and with its thickness of 0,65 mm is very flat. “Thanks to its particularly thin, metallic shielding coat the NFC-Sticker delivers reliable performance on cell phones but does not protrude from the surface,” explains Paul Bunge, Business Development Manager at Schreiner PrinTrust. The specialty label reliably adheres to and operates on plastics and metal. Its antenna design ensures short transaction times and high reading ranges. The NFC-Sticker can be customized in terms of design.