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Bud Light Relies on Constantia Flexibles for Successful Graphics Transition

Bud Light has recently hit the market with newly designed packaging. The fresh new look highlights the brand’s key attributes – premium ingredients and a heritage of distinctive care in brewing, while the bold logo helps the brand stand out on crowded shelves. Said Bud Light VP of Marketing, Alexander Lambrecht, “We’re proud to introduce our fresh new look, which pays homage to our most iconic packaging of the past, yet feels current and unique with its bolder logo and distinctive blue colorway…It’s a more intentional communication of the brewing excellence and premium light beer that goes into every bottle and can.”

Constantia Flexibles supplied 100% of the labels and was an integral part of bringing the concept to life. Working under a short timeline, the team worked closely with A-B Inbev which included two rounds of printed prototypes showing various design options. A short 2 weeks after the second round of prototypes, the labels were on press and production began.

The close working relationship between Constantia Flexibles and A-B Inbev made for a smooth transition. The only minor challenge was the neck label on the 7 oz. size, which was altered to ensure no wrinkling would occur. The production moved along efficiently, hitting all target dates for a late March/early April national market introduction.

The new Bud Light graphics utilize metalized pressure sensitive film and gravure printing to highlight the new design and maximize shelf impact.