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BOBST launches MPI, a new inking system that aids the use of market-specific inks in gravure printing

Continuing its role of leading innovation in gravure technology, drupa 2016 sees BOBST introduce MPI, a multi-purpose inking system that optimizes printing quality across a wide range of inks.

Michele Vitiello, Head of the BOBST Gravure and Lamination Product Line, says, "BOBST is the leading manufacturer of gravure printing presses for flexibles. Our world-famous 4004 and 4003 platforms have been the most commercially successful presses for many years now, with thousands of print units installed in every part of the world. We owe our global leadership to the fact that we provide solutions which satisfy the specific needs of our customers. This is particularly true in Asia, where the use of market-specific varieties of ink is common among our customers. Our new MPI system allows them to use a wide range of inks while maintaining the highest printing quality and also keeping the BOBST user-friendly handling of the gravure print head."

Davide Rossello, Head of the BOBST Gravure and Lamination Competence Center, located in San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy, says, "Comparative tests have shown that the existing BOBST gravure inking systems represent excellence in printing for the vast majority of inks. The new MPI system is an optional support when customers use market-specifics inks. It delivers excellent printing quality and it definitely gives an advantage when full ink flexibility is required, such as in China and Southeast Asia."
Renzo Melotti, Head of R&D at Bobst Italia, says, "A servo-driven rubber inking roller rotates inside the main ink tray and in direct contact with the print cylinder. Servo technology allows it to turn at accurate speeds which are adjustable to each ink and to each specific production demand. With our MPI system we have achieved maximum ink choice flexibility without compromising on ease of operation and user-friendliness. The MPI system is a true multi-purpose system as it also helps with cleaning of the printing cylinder during ink changes and allows set-up with minimum use of solvent, while no additional ink is needed in the circuit during running."

The new BOBST MPI system is available as an option on all press platforms and printing widths, and in two different configurations - for medium speeds up to 350 m/min and for high speeds up to 600 m/min.

The technology is being displayed on a stand-alone RS 6002 print unit located on the BOBST booth at drupa 2016. Simultaneously, an open-house at the BOBST Competence Center in San Giorgio Monferrato is showing the MPI system in full operation on both BOBST RS 6002 and RS 6003 presses.