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BOBST Announced as first Bellissima DMS Press Manufacturer Partner (PMP)

BOBST, one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, has been chosen as the first Bellissima DMS Press Manufacturer Partner (PMP).

BOBST will demonstrate the incredible results which are possible when using Bellissima on their presses. They will also support the Bellissima Technology and Trade Shop Partners by engaging in collaborative marketing activities to increase awareness of this multi-award-winning technology.

As part of their commitment to helping their customers achieve excellence in process performance, BOBST will provide live demonstrations of Bellissima DMS at forthcoming events and at open houses.

Matteo Cardinotti, Managing Director of BOBST Firenze said: “BOBST is cooperating with leading partners, within our ECG Center of Excellence program in Bielefeld, Germany, and Florence, Italy. During the tests, Bellissima has shown us new access to “easy” flexo printing with extremely high quality.”

Hamillroad Software’s multi-award winning Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) technology for flexo received the prestigious 2018 Technical Innovation Award from the US Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), and more recently the Award for Innovation at the 2018 Label Awards, a Technical Innovation Award from the Future of Flexo Forum/Consortium, and the 2018 FlexoTech Innovation Award.

Nick Harvey, Technical Director at Apex Global Group of Companies, exclusive Distributor of Bellissima DMS, comments: “The benefits that Bellissima screening technology brings to the industry are game-changing. We’re looking forward to revolutionizing the flexo process further; in BOBST, a company Apex have worked with for many years, we have an innovative partner who will enable Bellissima DMS to evolve across all printing formats. BOBST’s desire to innovate and explore what is possible using our combined ‘best-in-class’ technologies will ensure the partnership is dynamic and effective. This partnership makes for truly exciting times ahead in the world of flexo”.

The Partner Program aims to establish mutually beneficial relationships with providers of complementary products in the printing and graphic arts industries. The first of the programs to launch is the Bellissima DMS Press Manufacturer Partner (PMP) program, which is managed by Apex International, the global distributor of Bellissima DMS.

Bellissima DMS

Bellissima DMS is Hamillroad Software’s multi-award winning flexo screening technology. Using Bellissima, customers can produce high-quality prints equivalent to 350-450 lpi, achieve fades to zero (enabled by printed highlight dots as low as 1.0% and shadow dots up to 99.5%) and avoid color shifts on misregistration thanks to its patented dot algorithm. The screening enables the easy adoption of fixed palette / extended gamut printing and delivers moiré free prints and smooth flat tints.

Bellissima significantly reduces typical press problems including bounce, barring, and slur. Printers can also realize significant ink savings which can be augmented by GCR based software, improving the efficiency of press rooms and utilizing existing printing press equipment.

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Phase One sales of Bellissima DMS includes trade shops, converters, and flexographic printers.

To learn more about the benefits of Bellissima DMS, please visit www.bellissimadms.com.