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BGM report quadruple sales in just 6 weeks with its latest digital converting finishing line

Bar Graphic Machinery (BGM) have received orders from 3 UK and 1 European customer for its latest Digiflex. All 4 machines have been ordered with individual configurations. The modular design enables customers to configure the specification of the machine to their exact requirements and future proofs the machine for later configuration adaptations if required.

All machine configurations will be supplied with BGM’s latest re-register flexographic print station and semi-rotary die cutting station. Both the print station and semi-rotary die station incorporate a laser function that enables the operator to pre-position the print cylinder or die shim in register to the pre-printed media enabling pre-registration to the print minimising waste and operator downtime. BGM’s semi-rotary die cutting unit named DieNamic achieves outstanding speeds of up to 110m/min. Electronic dispro compensation function is included as standard on the Digiflex range

Furthermore the machines will be fitted with BGM’s automatic digital knife box that automates the setting of the slitting blades through the HMI touch screen. RAPIDSLIT takes slitting further in to automation eliminating operator error and inconsistency, providing precise setting of the blades within seconds not minutes.

Order configurations will also include options such as a re-register in-setter for the process of peel and reveal, cold foiling, lamination, festoon for continuous work flow, semi-automatic turret with splice and tail applier, variable repeat sheeting module. Additional auxiliary options such as corona and web cleaning systems have also been ordered.

BGM’s managing director Annemarie Rhodes comments: we are truly delighted with the amount of interest the new Digiflex is generating. 4 machine sales of a new product in 6 weeks is very promising. May we take this opportunity to thank the 4 companies who have placed their orders for the latest Digiflex.