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Best visuals for beverages with PP Solid White TC 50

UPM Raflatac has introduced a new filmic face for beverage, wine and food labelling. PP Solid White TC 50 is a non-cavitated, top-coated film which provides a superb foundation for a premium print job. Combined with the RP 74 adhesive and PET23 liner, it offers the highest attainable quality in application performance and visual distinctiveness.
The RP 74 adhesive gives the clarity and cleanliness that is essential for beverage applications in potentially moist and chilled conditions. It is superb for converting at high speed, thanks to a high sheer value which brings the added advantage of minimal adhesive build-up on label applicators.
The thin and strong PET23 liner is an excellent material for high-speed label applicators where web-breaks and machine downtime can really cost. PET23 also offers more labels per roll than traditional backing materials, which means longer production runs and less packaging waste.