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BÉGÉ DESIGN adds value to vehicle wrapping business with Lintec’s Protekt® PPF film

BÉGÉ DESIGN, founded in Budapest, Hungary, in 2010, is renowned for the specialist vehicle decoration and wrapping services it provides to a variety of automotive customers. A small company of just ten staff, it also offers workshops teaching customers how to wrap vehicles themselves. In November 2019, BÉGÉ DESIGN added Lintec Europe’s recently launched Protekt® PPF (Paint Protection Film) to its product portfolio. This polyurethane film features advanced protective qualities that guard against abrasion and damage, particularly stone chips and key marks. It can be applied to either the entirety of the car, or parts particularly prone to damage, such as the bonnet, front bumpers and side mirrors.

Mr. Peter Kiss, Managing Director, BÉGÉ DESIGN comments on what led him to invest: “We were visited by Peter Olah, Lintec Europe, Hungary, who first introduced us to the film. On testing it out, we were blown away by its quality and the excellent transparency and gloss effect it offered. Its softness and thickness were like no other film we had seen before and this makes it much easier to apply – something our operators have really appreciated. We were previously using a product from another supplier that claimed to offer a similar effect, but the Lintec film far surpassed it both in quality and flexibility. So, despite the price being higher, we saw it as excellent value for money and quickly made the decision to switch.

“Our customers have all been very happy with the results. The film is highly durable and anti-pollution surface coated, which preserves the clarity & gloss level. What’s more, it’s also non-discolouring; other films we’ve used have a yellowish hue which causes a noticeable colour change when applied to light coloured vehicles. There are no such issues with Protekt® PPF.

Mr. Kiss concludes: “This was our first time working with Lintec Europe, and we were delighted by the support they offered us throughout the sales process. The product quality is consistently high batch-to-batch, with no dust, dirt or defects in the adhesive or film. What’s more, the team were always available to answer our queries and were quick to provide solutions to any minor problems. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lintec Europe and hope to continue working with them into the future.”

Peter Olah, Lintec Europe, Hungary comments “We are delighted to have been able to make a positive difference to BÉGÉ DESIGN’s business, by enabling them to expand their offering and boost overall business productivity. We look forward to supporting them as their business and customer base continues to grow.”