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Becoming a Technical Specialist in Hotmelt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

New Henkel PSA Academy professional training

Together with the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Henkel is introducing the training courses of its newly established PSA Academy. Henkel is the only adhesives supplier offering the four main PSA technologies hotmelt, solvent acrylic, UV acrylic and water-based under its Loctite, Technomelt and Aquence brands. The leading adhesives manufacturer is committed to share its industry expertise with those interested in working and excelling in the field of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) coatings. The partnership with CCI assures the top quality instruction of the basic and advanced vocational training courses provided by the PSA Academy.

CCI certified training courses for industry employees

Upon successfully completing the comprehensive eight-day course and an exam at its end, participants receive the certificate “Technical Specialist in HM Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Labels, Tapes and Special Applications (CCI)”. This certificate confirms their acquisition of sound theoretical and practical skills needed for a successful work in applying and testing PSA coatings.

The courses are directed at participants from relevant industries such as label laminate manufacturers, label printers, adhesive tape manufacturers or manufacturers of specialty products using pressure sensitive adhesives. They are relevant for industry employees like line and machine operators, process engineers and laboratory staff as well as shift leaders, product developers and quality control staff.

Theoretical and practical training by industry experts

In more than 60 hours of theoretical and practical tuition, participants of this training course receive both comprehensive theoretical instructions and practical skills by working with machines in the technical center or performing tests in the laboratory. This ensures that the theoretical content is solidly linked to hands-on experience and observation of a real-life coating process.

All instructors are specialists with deep theoretical and practical expertise in pressure sensitive hotmelts, the necessary methodical approaches and have the teaching skills to effectively instruct participants.

Timing and application for the next training

The first course of this program was held in March and April 2017 in German and received a highly positive feedback from the participants. They especially stressed the depth and relevance of the contents taught as well as the competence and friendliness of all speakers as well as lab technicians.

The next course will be held in English in two blocks on August 28thto September 1st and October 9thto October 11th2017. Those interested in participating can find further information, contacts and the possibility to apply here: www.henkel-psa-academy.com