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BASF showcases sustainable product portfolio at UTECH 2021

The EU Green Deal is much more than an ambitious vision. It is a constant driving force to improve our range of more sustainable products and production methods. At BASF we have set ourselves far-reaching goals to work on new concepts and technologies for net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. At UTECH Europe 2021 you can experience how we intend to open-up new possibilities for our customers and help the industry to get closer to a fossil free society. Visit us from 16-18 November 2021 at UTECH, Maastricht, NL, booth E20.

Transportation: New lightweight and efficient solutions
Sustainability and alternative powertrains are the dominating trends in the automotive industry. BASF’s PU solutions are saving resources, are lightweight and energy efficient. A thermal conductive polyurethane for high-voltage batteries is contributing to heat management in the eMobility sector. For a comfortable and safe car ride, our cavity filling solutions are optimizing the NVH performance inside the vehicle. Besides various solutions for the car interior we are showcasing a cooperation with Grupo Antolin: a sustainable and lightweight PU headliner system and a lightweight structural bracket for panorama roofs.

Construction: biobased materials for highly efficient insulation
When it comes to efficient insulation there is no room for compromises. Our PU rigid foam systems for sandwich panels Elastopor® and Elastopir® based on renewable raw materials are of the same high quality as conventionally manufactured products. In addition, a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions can be achieved by taking advantage of the BASF Biomass Balance approach, in which fossil resources can be replaced by up to 100% renewable raw materials. We made a further step in the development of our spray foam portfolio with Elastopray® LWP including recycled content. Climate protection at its best without compromising on quality and efficiency.

Bedding industry: Innovative PU MDI-based systems
CosyPUR® and Elastoflex® W for mattresses, pillows or toppers produced in discontinuous block technology. The discontinuous block technology opens opportunities for companies to produce their own tailor-made blocks with lower investments. BASF supports them by delivering ready-to use formulations under the one ISO concept. One Iso fits all technologies, be it flexible, viscoelastic or super soft. Thanks to this solution, material handling complexity is reduced, production optimized and cleaning pipes and machines is made easier. Different block performance can be obtained with every shot which helps boosting the customer’s product portfolio. Biomass Balance and ChemCycling™ technologies will contribute to reduce the carbon footprint.

Appliance Industry: Elastocool® iQ – ready for the new energy label
With Elastocool® iQ BASF offers more efficient, tailor-made solutions for the appliances industry to meet specific customer needs and its particularly cost sensitive goals. The new Elastocool® iQ generation has an innovative processing approach which enables a three-component dosing instead of the conventional two-component technology. In addition, the well-established Elastocool® F is enhanced by an additional, individually selectable third component to improve selected properties such as an adjustable lambda, higher flexibility in production and better cost control, e.g. by customized, high performance HFO systems.

Chemical recycling of mattresses
Around 30 million mattresses end up in European landfills every year. At the same time, the production of new flexible foam mattresses consumes valuable raw materials. BASF is further improving a new chemical recycling process of mattresses to achieve the maximum possible circularity. BASF is now testing it on an even larger scale.

Basic and intermediate products
In addition to PU systems for various industrial sectors, BASF is showing a broad portfolio of basic and intermediate products, including amine-based polyurethane catalysts under the Lupragen® brand and PolyTHF ®, which serves as a chemical building block for thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), among other things.

Visit us from November 16-18, 2021 at UTECH in Maastricht, NL; booth E20.