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BASF showcases expertise at CPhI worldwide in Frankfurt

• PeroXeal TM PVP packaging for higher functionality
• BASF expands its excipients portfolio
• Product launch: Innovative portfolio of high-purity iron salts
• New solvent grade N-Methylpyrrolidone Life Science

BASF will present its extensive expertise across the entire pharmaceutical value chain at the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates – CPhI worldwide – from October 25 through 27, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany. As a strategic partner to the pharmaceutical industry, BASF provides intelligent system solutions and high-value products which help its customers to be more successful. With an expanded array of products for pharmaceutical industry customers, BASF will exhibit products and services including APIs, excipients, custom synthesis, building blocks, solvents, reagents, protective groups, catalysts and inorganic specialties.

BASF Highlights 2011

PeroXealTM – New Kollidon ® packaging for even higher functionality
With PeroXealTM, the new packaging system for PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone)-based pharmaceutical excipients, BASF is setting new standards for the stability, purity and patient safety. PeroXealTM prevents the penetration of atmospheric oxygen and thus reduces oxidation. As a result, the peroxide level can be significantly reduced, making it possible to apply the excipients in oxygen-sensitive API formulations. Further benefits are the increased formulation stability of finished pharmaceutical dosage forms and an extended excipient shelf life. Consisting of an aluminum-free inner liner as packaging material, complemented by the concept of inert gas flushing and heat sealing, PeroXealTM shrinks the environmental footprint. The new packaging concept has already been introduced for major products at the Ludwigshafen and Minden sites. BASF will gradually change all Kollidon® grades to the new packaging concept by the end of 2013. PVP was invented by BASF over 70 years ago and is used mainly as a binder or disintegrant for tablets.

BASF expands its excipients portfolio
With the acquisition of Cognis, BASF has expanded its pharmaceutical excipients portfolio, which now includes high-purity oleochemicals for topical applications and solubilization. In the course of 2012 BASF is gradually rebranding its product portfolio for clear differentiation from cosmetic products and to better facilitate customer orientation through strong and clear branding and clustering. BASF now offers a wide selection of emulsifiers/solubilizers (Kolliphor™), solvents (Kollisolv™), emollients (Kollicream™) and consistency factors/waxes (Kolliwax™) for solid and liquid solutions, dispersions as well as pharmaceutical-grade ingredients produced under GMP conditions for the dermatology industry.

BASF launches new high purity iron salts
BASF has developed a new innovative portfolio of high purity iron salts for API manufacturing based on BASF's many years of experience with proven and well-established iron technology. Solutions for Iron Deficiency Anemia, Phosphate Management and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are gaining in importance. The main advantage of the new product line is that the trace-metal impurities in BASF's new iron salts are held to a single digit ppm level, therefore keeping them in compliance with the new EMEA (European Medicines Agency) directive. The salts are available in quantities ranging from kilograms to commercial volumes to meet the needs of customers from lab to launch.

Kollicoat® IR approved in Australia
Kollicoat® IR, the highly efficient and flexible instant release coating polymer, has already been approved by the health authorities in the United States, Europe and Japan, and is now also approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing for use in oral medicines. Kollicoat® IR is considered to be safe for use as an excipient in oral medicines at concentrations not to exceed five percent in the finished product.

New N-Methylpyrrolidone Life Science from BASF
With its new N-Methylpyrrolidone Life Science (NMP Life Science), BASF is manufacturing an NMP grade featuring a very low level of free amines in the range of 1 part per million (ppm), equivalent to 0.0001 percent. This new solvent grade outperforms conventional NMP grades: A conventional grade contains at least ten times more amines. NMP Life Science is also remarkable because of its low water content of 0.03 percent or less. The use of NMP Life Science in solid-phase synthesis of therapeutic peptides for the pharmaceutical industry can raise yields by 15 percent, resulting in a substantial improvement of process efficiency. Moreover, the new NMP Life Science can be recycled more often than conventional NMP grades. BASF has patented its manufacturing process for NMP Life Science.

Environmentally-friendly catalysts
Following the recent market introduction of lead-free palladium (PD) catalysts as a replacement for Lindlar catalysts, BASF's innovative NanoSelectTM platform technology has been used more recently to develop platinum-based catalysts for selective aromatic nitro group hydrogenation. These new catalysts show high nitro group hydrogenation activity with lower platinum requirements. In addition, BASF's NanoSelectTM platform technology has enabled the production of modified platinum catalysts with good selectivity in halo nitro aromatic hydrogenation reactions.

More information is available at www.pharma.basf.com.