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BASF at Simac 2023: Say hello to the Footure! Sustainable and innovative solutions for the footwear industry

Under the motto "Say hello to the Footure!” BASF presents new concepts andfuturistic design ideas for sole and shoe production at Simac Tanning Tech 2023,the international trade fair for machinery and technology for the footwear and leatherindustry, which takes place from 19-21 September in Milan, Italy. Implementing sustainability at all levels is BASF's declared goal. In the footwear sector, there are numerous innovations and sustainable material developments that will be presented at the BASF stand, Hall 14, booth K47/L48.

Circular Footure: Mechanical recycling of PU to create new soles

Circular economy is one of the major topics in all PU sectors. BASF will present a process that makes it possible to use granulated PU waste, e.g. from sole production, to produce new soles. The decisive factor for this process is that BASF has developed PU foams with thermoplastic properties that can be processed together with TPU in the injection molding process. This creates high-quality TPU soles or other components on the shoe with a recycled content of up to 30%. "In
order to achieve the goals of a circular economy, it is important to develop new systems that help preserve resources and reduce emissions in all phases of make- use - recycle. BASF is ready for the circular economy and a partner for sustainable sole production," says Felix Willenbrink, Marketing Manager Footwear, Sports and Leisure at BASF Polyurethanes. But the cycle goes even further - through the intelligent combination of materials from BASF's polyurethane portfolio. This is demonstrated by the cooperation with the bicycle saddle manufacturer Ergon. Only PU and TPU products were used in the newly designed SR Allroad Circular bicycle saddle to enable joint mechanical recycling at the end of its usage period.

Footuristic Feelings: High-quality and comfortable insoles

High-quality insoles are the heart of a shoe. BASF offers PU products for different production processes. The property profile of soles produced by the casting process can be precisely adjusted to the requirements of the system and offers the highest performance. Soles produced in the thermoforming process are particularly light and
breathable. An exceptionally comfortable and economical choice.

Infinergy®: Continuation of the success story

BASF has launched a new generation of Infinergy® E-TPU beads that can be processed into footwear components – simply by heat press. This eases the manufacturing and provides a lower carbon footprint. The technology further shows high flexibility of midsole designs and possibilities of additional components.

Footuristic Combinations: Polyurethane meets 3D printing

This year's competition at the Calzaturiero Politecnico Design School, Padua is all about futuristic concepts that combine classic processes such as casting and injection molding with 3D printing - exclusively with PU materials. 3D printed applications have long since found their way into the footwear industry. BASF Forward AM presents itself as a partner for 3D printing in the footwear industry. The
Ultrasim® 3D Lattice Engine makes it easy to generate and experience complex designs. 3D printing adds value to the final shoe and offers opportunities for the development of new models.

Footuristic Surfaces: NovaCoat-P and NovaCoat-D

Also to be seen on the stand are sustainable, highly elastic coating solutions for the footwear industry that protect and functionalise flexible surfaces in a wide variety of colours and effects. They set new standards in design possibilities, individualisation and process optimisation. NovaCoat-P is a post-mold coating solution to protect surfaces from various environmental influences. NovaCoat-D combines in-mold
coating and release agent in a new way.

Visit us at Simac, Milan; Hall 14, Booth K47/L48; Simac 2023 (basf.com)