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AWAVirtual™ Insights Forum 2023: Sustainability, Circularity, Responsibility

The AWAVirtual™ Insights Forum is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the world’s foremost thinkers on sustainability, circularity, and responsibility. This year’s forum will take place on January 27th at 3pm (GMT+1), and will feature a range of experts who will share their insights on how businesses can operate more responsibly.

The program is already published and will feature insights from such companies as Nestle, Resource Label Group, Mondi, Elkem, IPEF Gmbh, MakerSide, Delfort, Vagabond Sustainability Platform, and AWA.

The program will feature such topics like:

- Sustainability from a converter and brand owner perspective
- The importance and meaning of sustainability in business
- Release Liner recycling
- How businesses can implement circular economy principles
- The role of businesses in promoting social responsibility and innovation
- Key trends shaping sustainability, circularity, and responsibility

This online event is crucial for anyone interested in learning more about how businesses can advocate for sustainability. Avery Dennison, Elkem, and Mondi sponsor this free registration event.

Register online
The forum will be hosted on the AWAVirtual™ Platform. Everyone who registers will get access to the platform before the event. Register for free here: https://awa-bv.com/product/awavirtual-insights-forum

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