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Avery Dennison introduces S8039 adhesive for durable goods labelling

A new hybrid adhesive for custom products

Avery Dennison has introduced a new hybrid adhesive called S8039 for durable goods labelling. Available via the Mix & Match service, it allows customers to choose from a wide range of different face-materials and release liners, meeting very specific product application needs.

“Until now, converters who wanted custom materials usually had to laminate a chosen facestock material with a high performing adhesive transfer tape. That meant quality challenges, and also additional costs due to more scrap and higher inventory levels,” said Marco Fermo, segment director durables, Materials Group, Avery Dennison. “The new S8039 hybrid adhesive raises operational efficiency by allowing customers to develop unique product applications far more easily. They now have access to a permanent adhesive with high-end performance in terms of adhesion, heat and chemical resistance. That adhesive can be combined with almost any facestock in the Avery Dennison portfolio, including polyester, vinyl, polypropylene and polyethylene.”

S8039 adhesive products use an Avery Dennison patented self-adhesive technology, rubber hybridized acrylic (RHA).

Rubber side chains cluster together inside the adhesive layer and ‘hide’ the adhesive’s rubber properties inside an acrylic backbone. This technology allows high quality final labels, easy die-cutting and great adhesion on low surface energy substrates – such as the plastics widely used in the automotive industry. The labels will also withstand harsh chemical conditions.

The Avery Dennison Mix & Match service allows a free choice of different facestock materials and release liners to best meet customer requirements, and the minimum order quantity is just 500m².

“This adhesive has passed rigorous tests and ensures best performance on rough industrial application, even under extreme conditions,” said Marco Fermo. “Mix & Match in tandem with S8039 opens the door to new growth opportunities – it provides a fast and streamlined route to custom durable label products. We are already working with converters and end-users to deliver the best possible product ‘fit’ within the durable market.”