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Avery Dennison helps label converters target heavy industrial segments

A Heavy Industrial Labelling™ range from Avery Dennison’s Select Solutions™ portfolio is giving label converters easy access to new specialized markets. Materials in the range are capable of labelling metal plates, bars and coils early in production, thanks to exceptional high-temperature performance all the way from room temperature up to +500°C.

The new range replaces conventional solutions that include riveting or welding plates onto parts, the use of handwritten chalk, or waiting for parts to cool before applying labels.

Georg Müller-Hof, senior director marketing for Avery Dennison, said that the range provides extreme performance levels: “Manufacturing can involve very significant labelling challenges for a wide range of applications. For example, the steel and metal industry needs labels that can withstand very hostile environments and very high temperatures. Applying labels as early as possible – ideally directly after goods come out of ovens – is important, because quality control and production efficiency depend heavily on traceability and identification.”

Conventional labelling materials cannot withstand the high temperatures involved in hot metal labelling, and the new range currently includes a self-adhesive thermal transfer aluminium label, capable of withstanding +375°C, as well as a non self-adhesive aluminium hanging tag material that can withstand +500°C. Both materials offer extremely high abrasion resistance for printed text.

Müller-Hof confirms that more materials will be available soon: “Segments such as timber, horticultural and ceramics, to name a few, have their own unique labelling requirements. We are already well on the way to develop other new materials – for the production of self-adhesive labels and hanging tags – that can help modernise a wide range of industrial processes and improve productivity. This is a great sales opportunity for label converters because much of the potential market is so far untapped.”