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Avery Dennison® creates new tamper-evident adhesive S788P

Avery Dennison Labels & Packaging Materials Europe has developed an adhesive that improves product security on pharmaceutical box packaging by leaving clear visible evidence of tampering. The new permanent emulsion acrylic adhesive S788P has twice the internal strength of common alternatives which ensures successful fiber tear if an applied pharmaceutical label is removed. S788P will help Pharmaceuticals manufacturers meet the European requirements within the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU.

Ricardo ten Velden, global segment director Pharma & Healthcare Avery Dennison Materials Group Europe, said that work is continuing to give converters and their customers everything they need to meet changing pharma regulations as pharma packaging becomes more complex: “The WHO (World Health Organisation) has previously estimated that up to 10% of medicines across the globe are counterfeit. It no longer gives a figure, but says that counterfeiting can involve large scale manufacturing, and affects every country. Product protection remains a critically important issue for anyone working in the pharma segment. Avery Dennison has a very wide pharma security portfolio designed to leave visual signs on the pharmaceutical box, with both label damage or box damage options. 

The trange continues to expand, and this latest new adhesive is designed to give reliable tamper-evident labelling – one of the key requirements of the new EU directive. S788P ensures a successful fibre tear on different card/varnish combinations.”

“We are committed to strong growth in this segment, and that means not only giving converters a large and growing range of product choices, but also giving them comprehensive technical support, so they can be confident they are complying with evolving regulations.”