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Avery Dennison Cleanflake™ portfolio with ‘switchable’ adhesive addresses major recycling challenge

A new Avery Dennison film and adhesive portfolio being introduced at Labelexpo 2013 has been designed to make PET recycling far more effective. With more than two billion PET containers a year failing to enter the recycling stream, finding a way to recycle them without contamination is an extremely important industry goal.

Avery Dennison CleanFlake™ is a patent-pending adhesive technology that “switches off” when submerged in a recycling bath so the label cleanly separates from the PET flakes. Although these labels adhere firmly to PET bottles or containers during use, they detach readily in a conventional recycling facility and float to the surface of the bath, allowing clean PET flakes to sink to the bottom.

“Recycled PET (rPET) is a valuable and saleable material in its own right, but this solution is also important because recycling leads to major reductions in the amount of material going to landfill, as well as delivering significant greenhouse emission savings,” says Eric Ide, segment manager, beer and beverage, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials – Europe. “Our new technology removes a significant barrier to effective PET recycling while offering the same quality, clarity and performance as conventional label materials.”

The CleanFlake portfolio uses a clear or white BOPP film face stock, anchored by the new switchable SR3010 adhesive.
No new conversion and dispensing procedures or equipment are required, and label quality is the same as when a conventional adhesive is used. The difference only becomes clear at the recycling plant. The pure rPET flakes created through this process are suitable for manufacturers making packaging films and shells.

“Our portfolio leverages our expertise in film and adhesives to help recyclers and the beverage industry address one of their most stubborn problems,” said Laura Clark, global beverage marketing director, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “We are working with beverage industry leaders to deliver a certified portfolio that meets aggressive standards for PET up-cycling.”