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Austria Card Markets Next Generation of Schreiner PrinTrust's NFC Sticker

Schreiner PrinTrust's next-generation EMV-compliant NFC-Sticker is now available as an OEM version of Austria Card. The NFC-Sticker for contactless payment is based on Infineon's SLE 77 chip and is supplied with ACOS, Austria Card's operating system. The advanced product complies with even higher security standards than its predecessors. The new NFC-Stickers have been available since the beginning of the year and have already been successful in early projects.

The new NFC-Sticker generation is based on Infineon's SLE 77 multi-application chip. Enabling contactless payment according to the "PayPass M/Chip Advance" standard, the product is EMV-compliant. EMV refers to an international technical standard for secure communication between a chip card and a terminal for contactless payment transactions. The standard ensures that sensitive payment data is protected against fraudulent use. In addition, the security chip prevents illegal copying of the cards.

Infineon's SLE 77 chip facilitates the use of ACOS, Austria Card's operating system. "Now we have our own OEM product and can provide services to our customers on the basis of the familiar software environment. The new NFC-Sticker generation perfectly complements our product portfolio and strengthens the identification of our regular customers with the product," explains Juergen Wolf, Operations Director of Austria Card. The advantage of the participants is obvious: They can use the new NFC-Stickers without any tedious and costly conversion of their personalization scripts.

"The current operating system and the enhancement of the integrated encryption algorithms meet the highest performance and security requirements. The optimization of the technical performance inside the NFC-Sticker is not visible from the outside. The attractive design, thin structure, flexible tactility and durable robustness have all remained the same as before," highlights Richard Stooss, Senior Business Development Manager at Schreiner PrinTrust. The new sticker also impresses international experts: The "Ceska Debit Black" variant for the Czech savings bank has won the "Élan Award 2015" of the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) in the "Best Product" category.