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Arjobex synthetic papers present new products at DRUPA 2012

New solutions for digital and iridescent synthetic papers unveiled at DRUPA 2012

Arjobex, a world leader in the production of synthetic papers, is pleased to confirm its presence at DRUPA 2012 in Düsseldorf in May 2012.  Arjobex will take this opportunity to present its latest pioneering solutions with Polyart, its range of synthetic papers designed to takeover where paper and plastic reach their limits. 

Polyart Digital range for commercial prints and labels
Polyart Digital certified for HP Indigo
With Polyart Digital, Polyart synthetic papers can now be used for short, customised and just-in-time runs. Optimal for prints requiring high resistance, you continue to benefit from all the advantages of the superb print finish of a matt-coated paper Polyart Digital:
-  Resists wear and tear
-  Resists humidity, grease and chemicals
-  Has a perfect print finish for good readability
-  Converts easily
-  Is suitable for other printing technologies including flexo and  thermal-transfer
-  Is available in sheets and reels
Polyart Digital is HP Indigo certified:
Includes 72, 124, 154, 224 and 274 g/m²
Is certified on all series including the new 5600

Polyart UV Inkjet printable
Polyart synthetic papers also comprise substrates suitable for UV Inkjet printing for many applications: from labels and tags in narrow web to large format printing signage (up to 1.5m).
All this adds up to a highly durable product perfectly suited to an endless number of applications including labels and tags, tickets, outdoor signage and wobblers, just to name a few.

Polyart Iridescent collection
Polyart synthetic papers have broadened their offering with a range of iridescent coatings that comes in a set of opalescent shades (gold, blue and green). Add a sheen to all your synthetic paper creations and continue to take full advantage of the strength and special features of Polyart synthetic papers.
Enjoy the shimmery shades of Polyart Iridescent for your menus, brochures, packaging and labels (Polyart Iridescent comes in special grades for IML, Wet Glue and self-adhesive).