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Arconvert launches its new 'Innovation & Inspiration" catalogue featuring new technologies and self-adhesive papers

The new collection of self-adhesive papers from the Manter range produced by Arconvert is now available on the Arconvert website celebrating creativity as inspiration for the future by featuring cutting edge solutions for premium labels.

Abraham Lincoln said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Through new self-adhesive materials and the latest revolutionary technologies invented to meet the ever-increasing challenging market requirements for producers who depend upon product labelling with the all-important eye appeal to capture the attention of the discerning consumer, the new “Innovation & Inspiration” catalogue has been created by Arconvert as a leader of today and the future in the label industry.

After being previewed at LabelExpo Europe 2019, Arconvert-Ritrama as part of the Fedrigoni Group are excited to launch the new collection in a catalogue that features 14 spectacular labels. Designed by Stefano Torregrossa, brilliant and multi-talented art director of O,nice! Design studio (www.onicedesign.it), the labels celebrate some of the most inventive minds of our time by displaying original printed labels about iconic innovators who have revolutionised the world by either having made giant leaps for mankind with their discoveries, or are current day inspirations and innovators by raising the bar in modern-day culture and in industries.

The designer has cleverly taken advantage of the paper textures, embossed, felt-marked or featuring pearlescent effects by using embossing printing techniques to highlight the higher grammage of some papers and choosing the pulp-coloured ones to show how to solve the problem of the white edge of the label. The labels are small works of art printed in Bolzano by La Commerciale Borgogno (www.commerprint.it). Each label meets multiple printing needs and reminds us, among others, of the genius of Coco Chanel and TimBL, the inventor of the internet, or of the sublime elegance of Roberto Bolle as well as the innovation of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

Creativity, by way of revolutionary new technologies, is the beating heart of the new “Innovation & Inspiration” catalogue with attention given to important labelling sectors such as wines & spirits, high-end cosmetics and food specialities.

The new range of self-adhesive papers, most of which are FSC™ certified, feature among the labels presented, the X-Dry™ water proof technology and High Opacity technology H+O™ which maintain the premium brand appeal by preventing the label from losing its opacity and becoming grey in the ice bucket. The Ultra WS™ treatment, combined with the permanent acrylic adhesive SH9020™, ensures greater stability of the label on the bottle, avoids the formation of wrinkles and bubbles and improves the label adhesion in case of temperature leaps. Another featured label demonstrates the GreaseproofTM technology that has pulp added to be a guaranteed anti-stain treatment thus ensuring that the label remains immaculate even if oil or grease is exposed to the edges. For small and medium print runs, there is also IDP technology developed together with HP for Indigo digital printing.

With its eye firmly on the future, the “Innovation & Inspiration” catalogue by Arconvert looks ahead both in terms of technology and appeal thanks to innovative design and technologies and demonstrates loud and clear Arconvert commitment to sustainability and the environment.