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Apex prepared for unprecedented concept launches at Drupa

Apex International is prepared for several unprecedented concept launches at Stand 11B26 at Drupa 2016. Below you will find a summary:


The Fixed palette concept (4C and 7C), which includes patented GTT anilox rolls that have been designed to create the most consistent and controlled laydown in the industry, especially important for optimized Fixed Palette. With Fixed palette, flexo printers can streamline press operations, reduce anilox inventory and variation, and reliably deliver consistent quality from the shortest to the longest of press runs.

Water based inks printed onto foil & film resulting in an extraordinary high-quality print. The future requires from flexo printers to seriously search for an environmentally friendly print solution. With the correct handling production with water-based inks is much more cost-effective than production with solventinks (lower costs related to dilution and energy consumption, disposal and storage of hazardous substances). A visit to the

Apex stand will be worthwhile, physical proof of water based print jobs from different projects with leading OEM’s and ink manufacturers are on display and they will show there aren’t any difficulties with air nor with re-wetting. Most eye-catching advantage of the GTT anilox technology in combination with water-based inks, is the fact that foaming does not appear, leading to the question whether an anti-foam agent could be redundant.

Apex’ stand will act as a Knowledge Center for printers that come across issues like “Opaque white”, and “UV Spitting”. 40% of all printers have problems like printing an opaque white and use more ink or a 2nd print unit to solve this specific problem. Apex provides efficient anilox solutions that are not necessarily more expensive and at the same time realize a higher quality print result (and thus more revenue).


The Coating, Digital and Offset industries will get to know Apex’ smooth, consistent coating transfer solutions. More gloss does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with the application of more lacquer. Nowadays, there is an anilox solution that provides a smoother layer ánd economize on coating. Positive side-effects are that Orange-peel, Pinholing and Micro-foaming are issues of the past.

Last but not least, Apex International will be participating in live demonstrations at several machine manufacturers in all industries where we supply our products. An up-to-date list will be provided at the Apex stand during the Drupa show and also the samples printed at these demo’s can be collected from the Apex stand.