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Apex keeps a finger on the pulse with GTT

Proven in the Flexo (R)evolution are standardization, better printability, less downtime and increased profitability now accessible to today’s flexo printers. Willem-Jan Kersten (VP Sales Eurasia): “Most of you have seen the 4-color Pantone® simulation press samples printed with superfine plate screens, intelligent software, and Apex GTT at Drupa. Ever since Drupa we have convinced more co-suppliers, printers and technical associations that GTT can boost profitability, simplify standardization and improve the reliability.”

Apex 1st MacDermid LUX-certified co-supplier
MacDermid’s LUX process produces a digital plate with a unique dot profile. The bump curve associated with digital plates is effectively eliminated. This simple process can be used on all flexo lasers. MacDermid has acknowledged that jobs printed with MacDermid LUX ánd GTT show evident proof of improved print quality and consistency and they demonstrate proficiency and technical accuracy. "Just as MacDermid is striving to improve flexo with its LUX flat-top dot technology, Apex is also helping flexo achieve new heights with its new GTT technology. As such, we are thrilled to have Apex on board as our first LUX Certified Co-Supplier", according to Heather Barrett, Director of Marketing MacDermid.

70% of DFTA winners print with Apex rolls
As a sponsor of this year’s DFTA award, Apex Group of Companies congratulates all winners and nominees!
We are very proud to count seven of eleven winners to our permanent customers. Five of seven winners have moreover produced their winning jobs with Apex GTT! It is no secret that the German printing industry is known for its leading path in knowledge, quality and innovation.

About Apex Group of Companies
Based in Hapert, Netherlands, Apex Group of Companies is the world’s largest manufacturer of anilox rolls for narrow-, wide-web, corrugated, offset and coating applications. With manufacturing and sales operations on six continents, Apex provides continued value in supplying customers with end-to-end anilox and GTT solutions including plate-mounting and adapter sleeves, ink measurement devices, cleaning products, and educational/use-and-care seminars.
For more information: www.apex-groupofcompanies.com or send an email to gtt@apex-europe.com.