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Apex International Creates New Web Experience Center

Apex International has announced the launch of their new website, which is being described as a content-rich digital experience center for Apex customers, supplier partners and anyone looking for more information on 21st century anilox and metering solutions. The site went live on July 24th and serves as the company’s digital hub for product information and industry news as well as various ways to connect with Apex to get a quote, sign up for a newsletter or even request a free anilox inventory appraisal.

“We really wanted to create a digital experience for our customers and industry partners that is second to none.” said Doug Jones, Vice President of Global Marketing at Apex International. “Our focus was to provide easy access to relevant and timely information on our company and industry we serve while also providing ample opportunities for the printing community to connect with us. The website is simply one part of a much improved digital presence that Apex has created.”

While the site has been completely refreshed, the web address remains unchanged at www.apex-groupofcompanies.com and continues to be available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Apex has also announced the addition of a new Twitter presence @apexanilox where they intend to promote news about the printing industry as well as share success stories from their clients.