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Another big success for Grafotronic in the Benelux!

Eshuis, one of the leading label and packaging producers in the Netherlands, chose Grafotronic DCL finishing to match their HP indigo V12.

Since 2023, Eshuis has been on one of the first beta sites for the HP V12. The HP Indigo V12 delivers an impressive 120 linear meters a minute of non-stop printing. This ultimate productive printing press requires a dedicated and fully automated finishing solution. Eshuis decided on the Grafotronic DCL2 350 equipped with the revolutionary workflow automation system Grafotronic IQ+.

Peter Overbeek, CEO Eshuis: “Eshuis is focused on constantly making our production more efficient. One of the key elements to achieve this is automation. The Grafotronic IQ system together with a full integration with our ERP systems and high productivity, makes this a unique solution to bring label finishing to the highest level of efficiency.’

The unique Grafotronic IQ+ automation feature enables the Grafotronic DCL2 to independently perform job changes and handles all job settings automatically. Basically, it acts as a virtual operator. Grafotronic IQ+ works with AI controlling a set of cameras that monitor the web and automatically adjust what’s needed.

The fully modular DCL2 with IQ+ system makes the high-speed finishing of labels operator independent and highly automated through integration with the ERP system and camera inspection.

The installation of the Grafotronic DCL2 will take place autumn of 2024 and will mark another enormous success for Grafotronic Benelux BV.