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Announcing the Winners of the 8th Annual Flint Group Narrow Web Print Awards!

Label converters from around the world participated in the eighth annual Flint Group Narrow Web Print Awards competition in September 2012. Entries were submitted from several countries, including the United States, Italy, China, Argentina and Brazil. Label submissions utilized a wide range of technologies – UV flexo, water-based flexo, UV screen, special effect inks, and coatings. And, new in 2012, a category dedicated to UV flexo low migration food packaging!

“The Print Awards continue to be a fantastic tribute to our global customers who demonstrate the most creative use of colour, design, and materials in narrow web label printing,” explains Niklas Olsson, Flint Group Narrow Web Global Brand Manager.
He continues, “Each year we receive anywhere from 60 to over 100 print samples for judging; you can only imagine the excellence in print we see from all around the world! Our team is thrilled each year to see what printers are doing – how they continue to push the boundaries of printing; how they use our inks to create their works of art.”
Awards were presented in eight different categories in September 2012 – all print submissions using inks, coatings and specialty products supplied by Flint Group Narrow Web.

Winners included:
• ACM S.r.l (Italy)
• Shanghai Komark Labels & Labelling (China)
• Smyth Companies LLC (U.S.A.)
• Autopack SA (Argentina)
• Labelcrafters (U.S.A.)
• Prakolar Rotulos Autoadhesivos (Brazil)
• Consolidated Label Company (U.S.A.)

Mike Buystedt, VP Sales Narrow Web North America had this to say, “Judging the label submissions is a great challenge, which is taken very seriously. Many times, we have to choose between several outstanding print samples in the same category; we have to look to the most intricate detail that sets one great print apart from another. In some of these cases, we give honourable mention to designs that are a close second.”
Criteria for judging followed the guidelines that are standards set by the industry associations FINAT and TLMI and included: registration, smoothness of dot/vignette, overall print quality, and degree of difficulty. The judges also reviewed each label for creative use of inks and colour – rewarding those prints that exhibit extra-ordinary use of inks.
The Narrow Web Print Awards will continue in 2013 at Labelexpo Brussels in September. Narrow Web converters from around the world are encouraged to submit printed samples and join this friendly and professional competition of colourful use of inks, design, and print.
For additional information or pictures of the winning label designs, please contact Niklas Olsson in Europe at niklas.olsson@flintgrp.com, and in the United States, please contact Deanna Whelan at deanna.whelan@flintgrp.com.

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